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This dedicated page has been created to serve as an archive for all significant messages sent to the conference WhatsApp group. Its purpose is to provide a convenient space for members who may have missed these messages in the group or those who wish to revisit them.

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Update 001

Thank you once again for joining this significant WhatsApp group, primarily established to facilitate communication among collaborators, participants, and the members of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). The LOC has a few updates to share:

1. Language of Communication: To ensure effective communication, especially considering the inclusion of non-Hausa speakers among our collaborators, we will be using English as the primary language for sharing information and updates in the group.

2. Language Diversity: Occasionally, there may be messages and updates communicated in the Hausa language. We kindly request non-Hausa speakers to bear with us during such instances. Google Translation may be utilized for those who are curious. However, we assure you that all important general notices and updates will be conveyed in English for the benefit of all members.

Thank you for your understanding. We anticipate that this group will be a valuable platform for academic and social engagement.


Update 002

Official Contact Address for Inquiries and Suggestions

Dear Respected Scholars and Professionals,

We are pleased to announce the official contact address designated by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for receiving inquiries and suggestions related to the conference. To maintain a focused academic discussion within the group, we kindly request that all conference-related suggestions and inquiries be directed through email or WhatsApp:

📌Email: delac@fugusau.edu.ng

📌WhatsApp: +2347062052814

However, questions aimed at enriching your research articles are more than welcome within the group. These may include queries about Makaɗa Sa'idu Faru, his songs, royal songs, and oral literature.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Update 003

Dear respected scholars and professionals,

Exciting news! The sub-themes for the conference will be unveiled shortly. To ensure widespread visibility, we will temporarily restrict members from sending messages. This measure will maintain the update as the last message in the group during this brief period.

Remember, you can always find detailed information about the conference here: https://www.amsoshi.com/2024/01/an-international-conference-on-life-and.html

For any missed important WhatsApp updates, refer to this page: https://www.amsoshi.com/2024/02/makaa-saidu-faru-conference-update-page.html

Remember that you can always send us suggestions or complaints privately through:

📌Email: delac@fugusau.edu.ng

📌WhatsApp: +2347062052814

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards.


Update 004: Conference Sub-Themes

We are pleased to inform you that the conference will encompass a wide array of subthemes, thoughtfully categorized under three major areas. This diverse and comprehensive approach is designed to welcome and engage academics from various educational and professional backgrounds, facilitating a rich and multidisciplinary dialogue. The categories are as follows:

A. Makada Sa'idu Faru: This segment focuses on the life, works, and legacy of Makada Sa'idu Faru, providing a deep dive into his contributions to Hausa music and culture. Presentations and discussions will explore his artistic journey, the themes and styles in his music, and his enduring influence in contemporary contexts. The sub-themes under this category are:

  1. Archiving and documenting the works of Makada Sa’idu Faru
  2. Makada Sa’idu Faru and culture
  3. Makada Sa’idu Faru and economy
  4. Makada Sa’idu Faru and ICT
  5. Makada Sa’idu Faru and language
  6. Makada Sa’idu Faru and literature
  7. Makada Sa’idu Faru and modernity
  8. Makada Sa’idu Faru and societies
  9. Makada Sa’idu Faru in the world of tongue twisting (karangiya)
  10. Makada Sa’idu Faru: Personality, relationships and history
  11. Makada Sa’idu Faru’s verses and sustainable development
  12. Studies in the songs of Makada Sa’idu Faru
  13. The place of Makada Sa’idu Faru in security, peace, stability and conflict resolution
  14. The place of Makada Sa’idu Faru’s in education

B. Royal Songs: This category delves into the broader spectrum of royal songs, examining their historical significance, evolution, and role in cultural and ceremonial contexts. It invites research on the variety of royal songs across different cultures, their sociopolitical impact, and their preservation and adaptation in modern times. The sub-themes under this category are:

  1. Archiving and documenting royal songs
  2. Forms and functions of royal songs
  3. Historical development of royal songs
  4. Place of royal songs in literature
  5. Place of royal songs in the global community
  6. Place of royal songs in the Hausa societies
  7. Royal songs and culture
  8. Royal songs and economy
  9. Royal Songs and education
  10. Royal songs and history
  11. Royal songs and ICT
  12. Royal songs and language
  13. Royal songs and modernity
  14. Royal songs and societies
  15. Royal songs and sustainable development
  16. The place of royal songs in security, peace, stability and conflict resolution
  17. Transformations in Royal Songs

C. Oral Literature: This section aims to explore the rich tapestry of oral literature, encompassing not only music but also storytelling, folklore, proverbs, and oral histories. It seeks to highlight the importance of oral traditions in cultural preservation, the transmission of knowledge, and the interplay between oral literature and contemporary media. The sub-themes under this category are:

  1. Archiving and documenting oral traditions
  2. Oral literature and culture
  3. Oral literature and economy
  4. Oral literature and history
  5. Oral literature and ICT
  6. Oral literature and language
  7. Oral literature and modernity
  8. Oral literature and societies
  9. Oral literature and sustainable development
  10. The place of literature in security, peace, stability and conflict resolution
  11. The place of oral literature in education
  12. Transformations in oral literature

Update 005: Good News (Subsidy in Conference Fees)

1. We are thrilled to inform you that the LOC is planning to introduce subsidized fees for this conference, making it one of the most affordable among all international conferences scheduled for 2024. This initiative aims to ensure that fees do not become a hindrance for any interested person to participate in the conference.

2. Additionally, the LOC is introducing a flexible payment plan to enable interested participants to pay the conference fees in installments. Participants can choose to pay 50% initially and settle the remaining 50% later, provided that the full payment is completed before the stipulated closing date for registration.

NOTE: Rest assured that these subsidies will not compromise the quality of the conference. They will have no impact on the provision of meals, conference materials, and the numerous recreational activities and cultural displays planned for the conference. 🧑‍💻🌮☕🎼🎤📚📝

Your participation is highly valued, and we strive to make this conference accessible to all without compromising the overall experience.

Thank you for your continued support.

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