Amsoshi.com is a Hausa language academic website. Its core objective is to make available different voluminous literatures on the Hausa language to the world of education and research. It specifically aims at:
i.                    Promoting the use of the Hausa language on the internet
ii.                  Making available on the internet different voluminous literatures on the Hausa language, literature and culture.

The main activities of the website are
i.                    Receiving, sorting, preparing and uploading text written by different authors.
ii.                  Updating the users on new developments on the Hausa language, literature and culture.
iii.                Receiving questions from the users, and providing them answers as appropriately as practicable and
iv.                Maintaining a living medium for entertainment by uploading texts relating to riddles, jokes and puzzles etc. 

These are carried out by the Amsoshi Publication Team (APT).

Authors may wish to send their manuscripts for consideration through the contact us section on amsoshi.com or mail it to:

Manuscripts are enthusiastically welcomed in form of any of the following:
i.                    Papers
ii.                  Books
iii.                Undergraduate or Post Graduate Research Works
You may also wish to contact us for advertisements through:

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