How To Use “The Universal Hausa Hooked-Letters”

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How To Use “The Universal Hausa Hooked-Letters”

Abu-Ubaida Sani

Department of Languages and Cultures Federal University Gusau, Zamfara Nigeria Email:  abuubaidasani5@gmail.com  or  abu-ubaidallah@fugusau.edu.ng WhatsApp:  +2348133529736


In this write-up, you should be learning how to use the Universal Hausa Hooked-Letters as the best solution to the hooked-letter issues. Hausa language orthography has some unique letters notably "The Hausa Language Hooked-Letters." The capital hooked-letters are "Ƙ", "Ɗ", and "Ɓ" while the small ones are "ƙ", ’ɗ", and "ɓ". For the fact that English keyboards do not provide for such hooked-letters, there comes the need to improvise. There have been efforts, consequently, to come up with alternative ways. Some of the efforts are successful.

The most popular options are Rabi'at in which the fonts are installed in a system as "fonts style." If Rabi'at fonts are installed and selected as font style, automatically:

i. "X" is "Ɗ"
ii. "Q" is "Ƙ"
iii. "V" is "Ɓ"
(The same with lower case).

For Abdalla:

i. "SHIFT + {" is "Ƙ"
ii. "SHIFT + }" is "ƙ"

iii. "SHIFT + [" is "Ɗ"
iv. "SHIFT + ]" is "ɗ"

v. "SHIFT + |" is "Ɓ"
vi. "SHIFT + ~" is "ɓ"


i. The letters are only recognized if a system has the fonts installed.
ii. A typist must be switching from one fonts style to another if the text involves Hausa, English and special characters.

The Development

It is fortunate enough that the latest development provided by Microsoft has come with the best solution to the problem. It has introduced such characters which are names, locally however, "Universal Hausa-Hooked Letters." To use the new development, follow the procedures below:

i. Go to "Control Panel"
ii. Open "Language Region" (Use the search function to locate it as indicated in the photo below)
Universal Hausa Hokked-Letters

iii. Locate a list of languages
iv. From the list of languages, select "Hausa (Latin-Nigeria)
NOTE: Hausa available there include "Hausa "Latin-Nigeria", "Hausa (Latin-Niger)", and "Hausa (Latin-Ghana)"
v. Save it.

Using The Universal Hausa-Hooked Letters
i. When you open any Microsoft file, locate "ENG" from your "taskbar" (either at the top, bottom or side, depending on where you set the taskbar).
Universal Hausa Hokked-Letters
ii. Click on the "ENG" and you will find this:
HAU Hausa (Latin)
Hausa Keyboard
iii. Click on it
iv. The initial "ENG" will now turn to "HAU"

Universal Hausa Hokked-Letters

You are good to go!

In the file, type hooked-letters using:

i. ALT GR + K as "Ƙ"
ii. ALT GR + X as "Ɗ"
iii. ALT GR + V as "Ɓ"

The same with the lower case:

i. alt gr + k as "ƙ"
ii. alt gr + x as "ɗ"
iii. alt gr + v as "ɓ"

If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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