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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

My Days



Sadeeq Dandare



I miss the days we went to the market naked and felt free

The days our imagination and thought had no limit,

The days I dreamt of changing the world.


As days were added on my heap

As I grew older and wiser

As my fingers grow like pencil

As I began to bathe myself

I discovered the world is to wide for me

So, I shortened my sight and limited my thought

This also seem ambiguous



As I grew into my twilight years

The days that my voice began to broaden

The days when the desperate desired to affect positive changes to my clans blossoms

I settled for only changing my family which proved totally herculean


But now I realized that if only I focused on myself

My family may emulate me

Definitely, I will mentor my younger ones

Going in that direction

I will better my country

If it keeps mounting in piecemeal in its abundance

Who knows? I may even change the world

For changing the world, I may even write my name on gold.



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