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Cheating Cheaters: The Mission Visionless Leaders




Sadiq Umar Dandare






They are responsible to the system but irresponsible in the system,

They are men in the service but not men for the service.

They inquire all what we require for our fulfillment.

They are those embezzling from the system after accumulating a lot from the system.

They are those that earn living for themselves and all the generation of their brethren.


Their euphoria is contriving gratis of liberating liberality by oppressing the depressed,

Seducing us assiduously in their egoistical search for fame,

Using different diversionary tactics to achieve their aims,

Using everything in the north, middle belt, south, east and west,

Enticing the explorer to wade through the forest,

In order to sink their rig into our oil well.


They always entrap the innocent.

Shrewd in their methodology,

Operates by remote control,

Fear to be ridiculed.


Should they fail in their amorous overtures?

They create demand while already supplying us,

Using withdrawal and diversionary tricks in their field operation,

Always plan and executes with utmost precision,

Wearing infectious smiles on their faces.

Always ready to,

Monopolized moribund needs.




The more the victim thinks he is chasing them, the more he dwells in their trap.

The roaring lion is their meek lamp,

By the time he likes more, the ache is on him.

He wants nods, to explore brooks and nooks, to unburden.


They make us their babies.

Lulling us like gentle folks.

They imitate the love of a mother

In their deceptive love.

They dictate the terms,

Emit war cries of victory and triumph

Their motto is the cheating cheaters

And their slogan: the  mission vision-less leaders.

Yes! They are with full mission but I doubt if with any vision


Name the shrewd emissaries

The list is endless, larcenist, filcher, fox leaders or the persona non greater representatives.

Remember our own?


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