The Ending of Parallel Explained

1.0 About Parallel (2024 Movie)

"Parallel" is a gripping 2024 American science fiction thriller film that delves into the mysterious realm of parallel universes. Directed by Kourosh Ahari and penned by the talented brothers Aldis and Edwin Hodge, alongside Jonathan Keasey, the film follows the journey of a grief-stricken woman, portrayed by the remarkable Danielle Deadwyler. As she grapples with her loss, she inexplicably finds herself traversing through parallel dimensions, each with its own set of challenges and revelations.

Set as a remake of the acclaimed 2019 Chinese film "Parallel Forest" by Lei Zheng, this adaptation brings a fresh perspective to the concept of alternate realities. With stunning visuals and a captivating storyline, "Parallel" offers viewers a thought-provoking exploration of the human experience across different planes of existence.

Released by Vertical Entertainment on February 23, 2024, "Parallel" promises audiences an exhilarating cinematic experience that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The Ending of Parallel Explained

2.0 Cast

An intriguing aspect of the film is its focus on a small ensemble cast, with only three characters taking center stage throughout the entirety of the movie:

a. Danielle Deadwyler stars as Vanessa , delivering a captivating performance as she navigates the complexities of grief and parallel dimensions.

b. Aldis Hodge portrays Alex , bringing depth and intensity to his role as he guides Vanessa through the enigmatic world of parallel spaces.

c. Edwin Hodge embodies the character of Martel , adding layers of mystery and intrigue to the storyline with his compelling portrayal.

These three actors showcase their talent and chemistry on screen, drawing viewers into the immersive world of "Parallel" with their captivating performances.

3.0 Ending of "Parallel":

The conclusion of "Parallel" left many viewers puzzled, grappling with questions about the events that unfolded and the fates of the characters involved. Here are some key considerations to ponder when attempting to piece together the conclusion:

3.1 Vanessa in the Ending Scene

a- Vanessa's decision to venture into a new universe marks a key moment in the film. Faced with the loss of her loved ones in her own universe, Vanessa makes a daring choice to explore an alternate reality, despite the uncertainty and risks involved.

At this point, it is important to remember how the injured Venessa goes to the universe of the main Venessa. The discovery of blood marks on the fence surrounding the restricted area hints at the presence of an injured Vanessa from another universe. This revelation sheds light on how the injured Vanessa managed to cross into the main Vanessa's universe, setting the stage for a complex interplay of parallel dimensions.

The timing of Vanessa's return to her own universe is crucial in understanding the sequence of events. It is plausible that she arrives back after the injured Vanessa has already perished in her universe, leading to a tragic misunderstanding that ultimately results in the demise of Alex and Martel in the main Vanessa's reality.

Recall that the injured Vanessa actively attempts to shoot the main Vanessa, indicating her deliberate intent to eliminate the main Vanessa and take her place in that reality. This action suggests that the injured Vanessa is not only aware of the multiverse saga but also familiar with Alex the physicist and his theory. According to Alex's theory, two versions of a person cannot coexist in the same reality simultaneously. It's likely that Vanessa encountered Alex and his theory, influencing her decision to eliminate the main Vanessa and ensure her own survival within the multiverse.

3.2 Martel in the Ending Scene

b. Considering Vanessa's transition to a new universe, the lingering question pertains to the fate of Alex and Martel in this alternate reality.

Let's begin with Martel. It becomes apparent that he is also displaced from his original reality. This is evidenced by his appearance in a scene immediately following the moment when the Martel from the main Vanessa's reality sustains a burn injury.

To gain a clearer understanding of these dynamics, let's rewind a bit. When Martel encounters the main Vanessa after his counterpart's injury, he appears disoriented, seemingly searching for a version of home devoid of Martel. His response regarding his injured hand—"It's not as bad as we thought"—echoes the exact sentiment expressed by the Martel in the concluding scene when Vanessa inquires about his injury.

Furthermore, in the concluding scene, it becomes apparent that Martel is new to this reality. His quick dismissal of the suggestion for a hiking excursion echoes Vanessa's prompt reaction, revealing a mutual understanding of the potential risks linked to such an outing.

3.3 Alex in the Ending Scene

c. In the final scene, Alex emerges as the sole person who really belongs to that reality. When he proposes going hiking, both Martel and Vanessa immediately voice their opposition, demonstrating their shared awareness of the hazards associated with such an activity.

3.4 Obe in the Ending Scene

d. It's worth noting that in this new reality, Obe is still alive and well. His call of "mom" when the main Vanessa enters his room underscores the presence of familial bonds that remain intact, despite the upheaval caused by the convergence of parallel universes.

3.5 Putting Everything Together

Putting all the pieces together, it becomes clear that in each universe, the tragic accident that led to Vanessa's grief is inevitable. However, the specifics of the accident vary across realities, resulting in different outcomes and repercussions. In some realities, Obe is the one who tragically passes away, while in others, it is Vanessa and Alex who meet their demise, leaving Martel in a state of grief and confusion as multiple versions of Vanessa and Alex visit the house intermittently.

In this particular reality, the conclusion can be drawn that all Vanessa and Martel meet their unfortunate end, leaving only Alex and Obe alive. Subsequently, another iteration of Martel, along with the main Vanessa, continue their search for a universe where they can find happiness and solace. This cyclical nature of events highlights the complexities and inevitabilities of fate across parallel dimensions, as the characters grapple with the consequences of their actions and the mysteries of existence.

The conclusion of the plot is made to alleviate some of the tragic elements for two primary reasons. Firstly, Vanessa is cognizant of the fact that her original loved ones have all passed away. This awareness frees her from the burden of worrying about their circumstances or feeling compelled to search for them, offering her a sense of closure and peace.

Secondly, Vanessa discovers a reality where Obe, her son, is still alive and well. This realization provides her with a sense of happiness and fulfillment, knowing that she can be with her son and create new memories in a reality where he is alive. This newfound completeness in her life brings a glimmer of hope and solace amidst the complexities of navigating parallel dimensions and the tragedies that unfold within them.

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  1. In the final reality shown in the movie, I thought it was Alex who asked if they wanted to go hiking and Martel and Vanessa were the ones who immediately said no. Also, what really happened to the Vanessa in the final reality that the main Vanessa replaced?

  2. As mentioned above, it leads to the conclusion that in this "multiverse reality," Vanessa and Martel met their demise, leaving Alex and Ade. It's essential to note that while the accident is an inevitable occurrence across all realities, its consequences vary significantly from one reality to another.

    Regarding your second point, indeed, Alex's inquiry stems from his lack of awareness regarding the hazards associated with hiking, unlike Martel and Vanessa, who immediately recognize the risks involved. So, yes, you are right.

    1. If Vanessa and Martel had been dead for a year since the accident, the Alex from the final space would have reacted a little differently when he saw them.

  3. Yes, that is right (if they had been dead for a year) and it would be a different situation with the child, Ade too. However, remember that the accident must not happen in the same year. You may recall that the version of Martel who came into the reality of the actual Venessa had the burn on his hand healed whereas the Martel in that really got the injury not long ago. I concluded that Venessa and Martel in the final reality got out to the party and had an accident. The two in the final scene coincidentally appeared in that reality, and Alex who belongs to the final reality thought that they only had a long stressful day (which is even why Venessa had to sleep that long and deep sleep).


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