Anger - A Poem by Sani Ahmed Dambo

Sani Ahmed Dambo

The Poet 

Sani Ahmed Dambo holds a B.A(ED) ENGLISH UDUS, M.ED EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, UTM MALAYSIA. His area of specialization is Educational Technology in the teaching and learning of English. He is also a BBC FREELANCE TRANSLATION CONSULTANT, UNICEF, CONTENT TRANSLATION CONSULTANT, BRITISH COUNCIL MASTER TRAINER ON TKT/CLIL. Sani is equally a part time Radio and televion broadcaster. Married to Raihanatu with four children-(Maryam, Suraj, Mustapha and Bahijja).
His hobbies include Reading, Translation and Cooking.

The Poem 


The hottest fire within the heart
Burning busting within the mind
Shaking the organs darkening the face!

It is the fire without flame
Yet escalating to inferno
Its visibility like the devil
Manifestation and destruction open to all

Terrible it is like thunder like a bomb
Boiled tears through the aching eyes flow
Like a vehicle as it drives the owner
to danger and damage at a close destination

Ablaze anger does become
with neither need of fuel or gas
only with action talk or silence
voice at stake rises above louder

The hottest fire when in flame
Sometimes the angered uses the hand
When it is lower he uses the tongue
Hand and tongue are lawbreakers

Obvious remain there negative effects
The world of regret they lodge the victim
One of the fingers between the teeth
Apology is the final resort.

The Story 

I have observed how the menace of anger does a serious damage to many of our lives' endeavours. Many times we allow anger to destroy our relationships with people. It distrupts our plans and decisions. We end up regretting our actions.

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