The danger is real and is coming 2

Recently, I was looking for a place to park my car and attend to some urgent things. I sighted a place by the road, near where motorcycle chaps were trading their business. I put on my right trafficking light, signaling I'll park by my right. That single action became a trigger of unsavory action by one of the motorcycle taxi riders. The man quickly began pushing his motorcycle towards my car. I quickly dodged him by the whiskers. He wasn't done with me. 

On top of his voice, he began to shout: "Kun sace kuɗin ƙasar, kun saka mu cikin bala'in yunwa, ɗan inda muke samu muyi achaɓar ma, mu samu na abinci cikin wahala, sai kunzo kun hana mu cin abinci." That: "You people have stolen the country dry, you people have subjected us to extreme hunger, even this small space that we use to source for the little we eat, you want to come and stop us from eating."

I didn't respond to any of his invectives, I simply drove off and found another place to park, far from them.



©Muhammad Hashim Suleiman, PhD

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