The danger is real and is coming 3

Yesterday, a waybill was given to a driver from Jos to bring to me in Zaria. By our calculations, the driver was supposed to be in Zaria around 5 PM. However, the driver only got in touch with me close to 10 PM. I reluctantly went out for the goods. When I met the driver, he lamented that there were no passengers, hence he had to wait to get some appreciable passengers before embarking on the journey.


Well, I wanted to pick the goods from his car to mine but some young guys quickly picked the two bags and dropped them into the boot of my car and the painful drama started. "Ai sai ka sallame mu muje mu ci abinci." Pay us for the services so that we'll go and eat food. In fact, it took the intervention of the driver to calm things down from the side of the young chaps because one of them quickly stationed himself in front of my car, one at the back while the third was with me. Meanwhile, I went out to collect the waybill with nothing on me, not even my wallet.


©Muhammad Hashim Suleiman, PhD

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