Is This You?!

My friend is that you?  
Where are your clothes and shoes?  
Where is your car and why are you not in your house?  
Where is your office, you are using to intimidate and denied your staff right, nomination letters, selective, and oppress your subordinates?  
What about your first and second degrees from that big university?  
Where are your passport and visa?  
Where is your life partner and those lovely kids of yours?  
Why aren’t you with your ATM card sir/madam?  
Where is your anointing oil, wristband, and breast tag?  
What happened to your open teeth and dimples? 
 Where is your iPhone 11 Pro Max 📱 and Samsung Galaxy fold📱?  
Where is your bank statement and deposit alert?  
What happened to your hairstyle?  
What happened to your Brazilian hair? 
What happened to your sexy clothes?  
When last did you rob cream and what perfume or cologne are you wearing?  
When last did you brush your mouth?  
Won’t you like to see a movie 🎥?  
Wait you mean your protocols and security aren’t here?  
Where is your make-up and nice nail

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