Interesting Arabic-Hausa Qasiida on International Hausa Day

This poem is in Arabic and Hausa. However, only a few words (mostly the ending words that form the rhyme of the poem) are Hausa words. Below are the words and their meanings for Arabic speakers to equally enjoy. They are listed sequentially according to the stanzas they appear.
  1. Ranar Hausa ta Duniya - International Hausa Day
  2. Bahaushe - A native Hausa
  3. Harshe - Language
  4. Lashe - Win
  5. Kushe - Belittle
  6. Ƙunshe-Ƙunshe - Consisting of many things
  7. Farko da Ƙarshe - Beginning and end
  8. Kodayaushe - All the times
  9. Malam Bahaushe - Mr. Hausa man
  10. Abashe - (It is a name of a person)
  11. Barbushe ... Tsumburbura - (They are said to be deities worshiped by the Hausas many decades ago)
  12. Farko da Ƙarshe - Beginning and end
  13. Hasashe - Imagination 
  14. Baƙuraishe - Quraish man (referring to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW))
  15. Mushe - Dead animal (any non-halal meat)
  16. Kunu da ƙosai - (They are Hausa foods)
  17. Tuwo wa taushe - (They are Hausa foods)
  18. Ƙwalam da maƙulashe - (Consisting different forms of snacks)
  19. Ibro wa Daushe - (Two popular comic-based Hausa actors)

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