Pi: Commit To Lockup And Get KYC

It is mandatory to commit to Lockup before you can migrate to Mainnet. In simple terms, committing to lockup means to lock all or a portion of your Pi for a certain period of time so that you get a chance of mining at a higher rate. (Read more about this on your Pi App).

Commuting to Lockup is quite easy. Follow me do it:

Step 1: Open your Pi App and click on the shot lines at the top left corner. See below:

Menu bar

Step 2: Click on Mainnet


Step 3: Click on Configure lockup rate

Configure LR

Step 4: Choose the percentage of the Pi you want to lock and the duration.

It is advisable to consider all factors and take a good decision when committing to lockup.


The higher the percentage of Pi you lock and the longer the duration of lockup, the higher the mining rate boost you will get.

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  1. sir incease cofigure lockup duration 3 year but still decreased 2 week in duration help sir

  2. I locked up my duration what will i do


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