Pi: Checklist for Mainnet Migration

Before you migrate to Mainnet, there are certain things you need to do. In simple terms, Mainnet is where you will move your earned Pi after KYC to be able to transfer them to other Pi wallets or receive transfers from others.

Follow me to see the checklist:

Step 1: Open your Pi App and click on the menu bar at the top left corner. See below:

Menu bar
Step 2: Click on Mainnet

Done! You will see all the requirements for KYC and Mainnet migration.

Those you have done/passed will be ticked in green while the ones pending will be in red boxes. See the screenshots below:


 The account owner has not passed all the stages. Be sure to do all these so that you successfully migrate to Mainnet.

Happy mining.

Danna NAN domin karanta wannan bayanin cikin harshen Hausa.

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