Pi Browser: How To Open A Pi Wallet

Creating a Pi Wallet is one of the prerequisites of getting KYC. It is one of the Items listed in KYC Check-List. Pi Wallet

Pi Browser: How To Open Pi Wallet

In this post, I will show you how to set up your Pi wallet. Before going into details, let us have a little understanding of what Pi wallet is all about. A Pi wallet is a wallet where one can store, send or receive Pi (a digital currency developed by the pi network community). Currently, you can only get digital currency by mining it on your smartphone and other related devices.

Before opening a Pi wallet, you need to open an account on the Pi network app. If you don't have an account yet, click here to download the app and sign up. After opening an account on the app, you can go ahead and set up your Pi wallet. Are you ready? Now to the real deal!

NOTE: It is good to read and understand the instructions given in the process.

How To set up A Pi Wallet

It is simple, just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Open the Pi network app.

Step 2: Open the menu bar located at the top left corner of the Pi mining app.

Step 3: Select Pi Browser.

Step 4: Select sign in to Pi browser. This will direct you to the AppStore. Install the Pi browser.

Step 5: Launch the Pi browser

Step 6: Select wallet.pi

Step 7: Select generate wallet. You will be given a passphrase. Copy the phrase and save it in a safe place where you can access it anytime it is required.

Step 8: To view your wallet address, which serve the same function as a bank account number, select use pingerprint to unlock your wallet. If your device doesn't support fingerprints, select show alternative and choose the option that suits your device.

Step 9: Your wallet address will be displayed. Select your privacy preferences and then select continue.

Step 10: Your Pi wallet is successfully created. You can now send and receive Pi in your wallet.

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