Wasanni A Kasar Hausa (Games In The Hausa Society)

 The researchers are able to obtain detailed information on two hundred and fourteen (214) Hausa traditional games. Before discussing them, they used a multidimensional approach in categorizing the generality of the Hausa traditional games. Other topics covered therein include the relevance of the games from socioeconomic perspectives as well as their status in the Hausa modern world.

Wasanni A Ƙasar Hausa (Games In The Hausa Society)

Abu-Ubaida SANI
Yakubu Aliyu GOBIR

Wasanni A Ƙasar Hausa (Games In The Hausa Society)


Games have always been a part of human life. This does not only apply to Hausas but all peoples of the world irrespective of their culture, religion, or geographical location. However, there are differences in the forms and style of these games, depending on the culture and living conditions of the communities concerned. Perhaps, not only human beings, many creatures play. They include monkeys, dogs, cows, and a lot of other animals. In the same way, some people play with animals such as dogs, monkeys, horses, and so on.

The traditional Hausa games that have a very long history, of course tracing back to the history of the Hausas, are gradually becoming extinct just like many other cultural practices. This occurs as a result of several factors that can be summarized as modernization. As such, there is a need to document these traditional games, pointing out the philosophies and benefits of playing them. That will ensure that their extinction does not go with their memory.

This book has successfully collected and discussed 214 types of Hausa traditional games. The book is divided into nine chapters. The first is an introductory chapter. It highlighted the significance of traditional games. These include discipline and correction, the teaching of heroism, the teaching of wisdom and techniques, exercise, and so on.

The second chapter looks at the Hausa way of life in the ancient and contemporary days. This includes their religion as well as their social and marital systems. This sheds more light on the people, their society, and their culture. In the third chapter, efforts are made to categorize the varieties of Hausa traditional games. This was done by taking into account:

i. Time(s) during which the games are played

ii. Places where the games are played

iii. Nature of the games

iv. Organizers of the games

v. Age group, gender, and number of players

Under each category, a satisfactory summary is provided with examples.

As pointed earlier, modernity has influenced and continues to have an impact on the Hausa traditional games. The fourth chapter looks at the impact that modernithas had on the games. The chapter examines the causes of the endangerment and extinction of the Hausa traditional games. They include the emergence of religious and modern education and the formation of the internet and social media and so on. The chapter then looks at the changes that have been made to some traditional games in terms of how they are played. Finally, the chapter examines some of the new games that the Hausas adopted as a result of modern influences on their culture.

From the fifth chapter to the eighth, different types of games are presented with descriptions about how they are played. Chapter five contains sixty-five (65) boys' games with notes of each. Chapter six contains 103 games for girls. The seventh chapter consists of joint games between boys and girls. Chapter eight consists of games for the elderly.

The last chapter, the ninth, contains the concluding remarks. Following the list of references, the 214 traditional games are listed in a table highlighting:

i. Game name

ii. Players

iii. Game category

iv. Tools

v. Impacts

vi. Results (positive results when done well, or consequences when the rules of the game are violated)

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