CPG: Zamfara Circle Commends Governor Dauda Lawal, Applauds Northwest Governors for Working Synergy ...raises alarm over the rising security challenges in Tsafe LGA

Zamfara Circle Community Initiative commends Governor Dauda Lawal and the Government of Zamfara state for establishing the Community Protection Guards (CPG) christened as “Askarawan Zamfara” as part of the efforts to curtail the long-standing security challenges bedeviling the state. This showcases the government commitments to the security and safety of Zamfara citizens.

It may be recalled that on August 15, 2023 Zamfara Circle issued a Press Release recommending the need for the  government to think outside the box by establishing its local security outfit while looking for external support from conventional security agencies. This move will breach the gap of inadequate boots on the ground and help in intelligence gathering and fight against banditry in general.

However, it's imperative to call on the government to carefully select the right leadership for the CPG and put proper mechanisms in place for close monitoring to ensure that the guards’ operations are strictly in line with the established ethics and standards so that incidents of power abuse will be mitigated. Also, for transparency and checkmating the excesses, the Circle call on the government to make public the clear mandates and other non-classified operation guidelines of the outfit.

The Circle emphasizes the need for the government to take decisive action on drug dealers and traffickers. Illicit drug trafficking and proliferation is unarguably one of the major factors fueling security challenges.

The Circle also commends the Northwest Governors for the synergy they exhibited towards addressing this common evil affecting the region which is in line with our aspirations. The Circle has been advocating for this working synergy and collaboration with all relevant stakeholders to ensure security of lives and properties in the Northwest.

At this juncture, the Circle wishes to draw the attention of the government and all authorities concerned about the alarming humanitarian crisis in Zamfara state, specifically in the Tsafe local government as a result of rising security challenges in the area.

The report the Circle received from its Tsafe Coordinating Unit is devastating. It indicated that between January to February 2024, about 80 people were killed, 85 people kidnapped and about 40,000 people have been displaced, affecting over 90 communities currently taking refuge in relatively peaceful communities within and outside the LGA.

The Circle therefore calls for urgent intervention by the government and all authorities concerned to address these alarming security trends by deploying the just inaugurated CPGs together with additional conventional security agents in the area. The Circle also calls on the government to provide immediate humanitarian aid to alleviate the sufferings of the affected people, especially during these hard times.

The Circle believes that addressing our security challenges is a collective responsibility that requires all hands to be on deck. Hence, the Circle will continue to support any government initiative that will bring peace and development to the people.

Zamfara Circle Community Initiative

Ibrahim Bello Marafa
Secretary, Zamfara Circle

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