The Airstrikes that Pound and Neutralised Bandits' Camp in Zamfara is the Biggest Security Achievement in the Last Ten (10) Years in the State

When the news of the attack on Bandits at Maru local started making rounds on Social media, it came to many of us with disbelief and subsequently after confirmation as a huge surprise. SO IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO THIS ALL THIS WHILE? In our various discussions on issues of security problem in my state of Zamfara, we have concluded that it is not possible to neutralise these killers in Zamfara, probably, because of our peculiarities. The military operation in question has demonstrated the fact that the Nigerian military has the capacity to deal with the matter. The unanswered question that keeps bothering us remains, "what prevented the conduct of a similar onslaught during the previous administration? As we couldn't get a satisfactory answer, we came to the conclusion that the refusal to do the needful was deliberate because those hitherto in charge were not directly affected and absolutely lacked fear of Allah (SWT) and human sympathy. People were being killed on daily basis, villages completely displaced including everything in them, thereby subjecting Zamfarawa into serious Socio economic hardships.

At the beginning when I run into the news of the attack, a friend of mine and I dismissed it as fake news because we never thought it was possible. However, our confirmation of the validity of the story this morning unconditionally necessitated this write up. The last administration that ended just recently wasted time and resources without achieving any feat worthy of appreciation by the affected areas because it lacked the will power and necessary commitment to address the challenges in question. We almost lost everything in terms of wealth, confidence, health, education and dignity as a people. A significant number of our able bodied men have been annihilated, properties and other tangible resources have been destroyed and all these happened on the clear watch of leaders that beat chest of honesty, integrity and fighting many successful Wars. Shame on them and surely Allah (SWT) will never leave them go unpunished in the hereafter, they will be made to reap what they sow without any measure of mitigation.

Sometimes in 2018, I saw a sitting Governor shedding tears with his own eyes for lack of what to do after the famous  mass destruction of 'Yar Galadima' in Zamfara state. That major scandal that went unpunished was among the main reasons why the Bandits came to the conclusion that they could do, virtually, anything without having any negative reactions from anyone. The frustration caused by the negligence of those that were in charge is beyond estimation. "Wallahi ban san yadda Allah ba zai kama su da haqqin sagegeduwar da suka gabatar ba, saboda tsananin wawanci da rashin tsoron haduwar su da Ubangijin talikai gobe qiyama" In my state of Zamfara, the Bandits organised themselves in camps across the entire scope of the delimited area, thereby exercising leadership, authority and destructions of all sorts. In that arrangement, it would have been too easy to deal with them by a committed leadership that possess necessary good will. Accordingly, in my view, It is partinent in the interest of peace in the state to call for synergy and collaboration between the states and Federal Government with a view to ensuring lasting peace and security in the country

I call on the entire people of Zamfara and indeed North western Zone of the county to appreciate this significant feat, pray for its sustainance until all acts of Banditry and kidnappings are completely wiped out. Also, I encourage all citizens to support Government and all its segments of Security in the efforts for peace building and encourage every right thinking person to do so. May Allah continue to bless our gallant soldiers with success in all operations they will engage and provide peace to my dear state and the country at large. Equally, we pray that other challenges of life we are facing, like of acute lack of food and other social engagement will be solved through the efforts of our leaders and above all the destiny of our creator. I would like to use this opportunity to encourage all Zamfarawa to keep on praying and remain optimistic that Allah will bring solace to us in the near future.

May Allah (SWT) continue to be our guide through His rightful channels, aamin.

Sa'ad Faruk Muhammad

Zamfara State

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