My Beautiful Demon

My Beautiful Demon

The Poet 

Balikis Omolayomi Oseni AKA "Quintessential Omolayomi" obtained her primary and secondary education in Osun and Lagos State respectively. She graduated from National Open University, with a Bachelor's degree in English language.

Quintessential is an OAP, freelance writer, essayist, poet, and the brain behind QOB Cosmetics Palace.

She is a native of Oyo state, Ibadan precisely and a member of these great literary foundations:

• Hilltops Creative Arts Foundation, Minna, Niger state, and the Chairperson of Oyo state branch.

• RisingYouths19

• All Poets Network International 

• Nibstears cave and many other prestigious organizations.

She is a positivity advocate, a lover of texts and adventures hence her passion for writing exclusively since time immemorial because writing to her has always been one way to change the world.

The Poem 
My beautiful demon.

Oh my beautiful underlinen demon!

How awesome your ways are

Your gleeful arrival gifts me goosebumps

With excruciating mixed feelings 

My existence that moment you seized.

Oh my beautiful underlinen demon!

Your appearance gives me unreserved strength

To showcase my unsolicited talents

Of five minutes insanity at intervals 

What a mannerless August visitor you are.

Oh my beautiful underlinen demon!

My entire being awaits you at

Every full moon but freaked out

On hearing your first knock

Because you art my mumu botton.

Oh my beautiful underlinen demon!

Your existence reminds me of

The virtuous woman I've become and

My tenancy contract in my father's building

As I will bid him fairwell sooner or later.

Oh my beautiful underlinen demon!

I await your friendly visit without pain

To embrace you with smile and laughter

So my sanity check can be permanent

For I am your closest confidant.

The Story 

It was one of those days when as a female, I wished I could turn back the hands of time, lol. 

When every monthly flow comes with excruciating pain and funny enough, you can't do anything to stop it.

So, I was having one of those episodes when the inspiration to write came, word for word, line by line, it rolled into stanzas and that was how my pain birthed this poem that I titled "My Beautiful Demon."

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