What happened to the green
where is that white centre
for whom we fought in red

is it my eyes or is it the real
colours muddled up thus
all tattered and scattered

all I see is the look of 
stone cast on dry waters
lapping on the gate of hell

all there is are your names 
splashed on people's dailies
like faeces on a mirror 

the remains of our shame
served out to all comers
like a buffet on a dog's day

every question comes with 
the answer within, waiting 
for the labour day

every decision comes with
her bones to crack now 
or any time soon and...

when actions cast in iron
finally break the stone walls
all shall then be revealed

the weeping will cease and 
the blind will begin to see 
the answers to the quests.

(c) Sumaila Umaisha 

From: Hell at Heaven's Gate.

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