The Poet 

Abdullahi Ibrahim Nashe, mibiol, was born in Kano in 1956. Now retired from service, he was a staff of Kano State Water Board; a former General Manager in Charge of Water Production and Quality Control. He is a Water and Waste Water Quality Professional. A member of Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria, a Council Governing Member.  He now manages his own company Mediwat Water and Waster Quality Consulting Company and Mediwat Computer Science School. The Computer School is designed to teach less privileged youth to learn how to use the computer, for obvious reasons. Nashe likes writing poems. He has written so many and will soon finish producing his book of poems.

The Poem 

Life what a wonderful view 

The view of yesteryear

Reminding of tender years 

With its gratis, boundless 

And untamed vista 

The view of what to come 

Reminding the old of the ultimate 

The ultimate destination With its delusion and aberration 

Destination yet unknown

Yet expecting the best

For the promise of the compassionate 

The incentive of the benevolence 

Light of the best of humans 

When the ultimate has come 

And the promise fulfilled

The trepidation has gone 

Then love would truly be true.

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