Dear Mirror

Dear Mirror,
Show me the door to my heart,
The ins and outs of my faith,
I want to see, 
For my mind to be secure
As you uphold the rays of reflection!

Dear mirror,
Show me the bounty
Of green grasses and dry deserts,
So as to store your love,
Deep down in my heart,
Like flying lens. 

Dear mirror,
The reflection you display,
Compose a smiley face,
With the love I have for you
Each ray is my love,
That you share, my dear.

Dear mirror,
The NI2 showcases in a mountain,
As it is itched our minds,
The world has known us
Niger and Nigeria, countries of pride and unity.

Men of horses and camels,
The Ria that exists between us,
Is a key for us to unlock
The luxury of hospitality.

Dear mirror,
Display for me hospitality,
Accept my love,
Keep me within the borders of your heart,
So I may sing the song of unity between you and I,
As we once swam in the Niger River.

Dear mirror,
Could you reflect on the past,
When we conversed together,
exchanged marriage vows?

Dear mirror,
I can see your marvellous pace,
Braiding the heirs of peace and unity.

Dear mirror,
Radiate your rays,
Your rays of kindness,
Your rays of peace,
So as my own peace completes,
A home of peace,
A home of unity,
Men of harmony, 
let the sun shine,
And let my luxury of hospitality flourish,
2ger and 2ni breathe in the scent of my love, please.

Khalid Imam Khalid (Junior)

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