Your ego and arrogance do not make you the man you think you are

Your ego and arrogance do not make you the man you think you are

The Poet 

Aisha Ahmed Idris was born on November 15, 1997 in Zamfara State, Nigeria. She developed a love for poetry at a young age and began writing her own poems in secondary school. She was inspired by the natural world around her.

Aisha attended Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany. In 2015, she published her first anthology of poetry, "Metallic Feet." Her second anthology, "Nature's Talk," was published in 2019.

Aisha is passionate about using her writing to explore the beauty and complexity of the natural world. She believes that poetry can be a powerful tool for communication and social change. She is currently working on poems of different subject matters and a research project on entrepreneurship.

The Poem

Your ego and arrogance do not make you the man you think you are, 
Rather, they make you less of what you think you are.
They do not earn you respect,
Rather, they take it away.

Kindness, compassion, and good manners are what make a man, 
Not the opposite.
The more the man you are, 
The more kindness you will have.

A man is not defined by his size or strength, 
But by the softness of his heart.
He is not measured by his possessions or his wealth, 
But by the way he treats others.

So if you want to be a man,
Let go of your ego and arrogance,
Embrace kindness and compassion.
Embrace love and sympathy.
Embrace peace.

The Story 

I was scrolling through Instagram one day when I came across many posts about a man physically abusing his wives. The posts were graphic and disturbing, I couldn't believe that a man could do something so horrible to the person he was supposed to love and protect.

I started to think about all the other women who are abused by their partners every day. It's a silent epidemic, and it's one that we need to talk about more. I decided that I wanted to do something to raise awareness of this issue, so I wrote a poem about it.

The poem is about how ego and arrogance are not the qualities that make a man. A true man is kind, compassionate, and respectful. 
I hope that my poem will help to change the way people think about masculinity. I want people to know that a true man is someone who would never hurt a woman, no matter what.

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