The Impression of Love By Nuraddeen Yusuf Abubakar (Designer)

Nuraddeen Yusuf Abubakar (Designer)

The Poet

Nura Yusuf Abubakar is currently studying Guidance and Counseling at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). He has worked with Inspire Paradigm Academy in Yola, as has served as co-ordinator for the  Guided Reading Program". He was also the co-ordinator of Visual Arts for nine years. Yusuf is now a full time freelance contemporary visual artist. His primary expertise includes Digital illustration,  concept arts, product design and oil/acrylic canvas paintings.

The Poem 


OH!! I am so lonely in here

Talking to myself with a voice not clear

I am Waiting! Waiting I totally hate to bear

For a voice or sight of my LOVE to appear

Like petals of an orchid on a windowsill

Waiting for first light of the sun

My GOD!! My love, I love you so much

That your absence gets my senses lost

So many things I cannot do right

Like a blind person who lost his guide

In a deserted road he knows not much

Your presence makes everything alive

A pair of twinkle eyes and a brain so bright

A fair of smooth skin and hair so black

Perfect face, a treasure sight to behold

I detest blinking when looking at your smiling face

The face I long to draw with a special silver pen

Ha! I’ll be

both Leonardo and Michelangelo moulded into one

Super portrait I’ll make with a Midas touch

To dazzle your heart that loves art so much


Stamped in your heart I’ll be, a place where I long to be

Come back my dear, Home is where you ought to be.

©Nuraddeen Yusuf Abubakar (Designer)

 Yola, Adamawa State


The Story 

It was about a realisation of how much I love my wife, and how little I appreciate her effort of keeping me and my house comfortable.

This important phase happened when she travelled to Kano (we were living in Adamawa at the time) for some wedding ceremony of her sibling and a niece, I terribly struggled hard to do simple chores correctly, things that she did so swiftly.

I so much missed her presence to the extent that it affected not only my homely life but also my work.

It was a turning point in my life, because from that experience, things changed from my side, forever.

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