Rigo life Nigeria

Bond to soldiers 

the armed forces 

army, navy, marines, 

rule and air forces

do regulator supports. 

by armed forces.

Click in politics

grip in activities 

in politics sway

Outfit or accuses.

acts for against,

peasant outlay times 

talking to each kins 

Not enjoyable slobs 

with each folks..

A facts apropos 

liking due to plays

oration lay settle 

Not happy moral

our society general.

In turnpike networks

goods and services

are invoke, sold,

bespoke use voculics

Difficulties in region.

heedful usage all

Chips, resourceful

Quite in doable

spend prime cash

Land often trait.

due to luxurious

lacks a stocks

boon uprights

amount of lolly

mean you only?

material possessions.

Renunciation member 

of personel lay out

right as an Wight

to own property

scarcity, dearth.

Debility malnutrition 

Due to lack fertility

born other in poverty

Are poverty civility

actual Middle poverte.


(C)Aliyu Idris
Sarkin Yaƙin Malumma
2023 Aug, 31

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