Pregnancy and Prenatal Care among Hausa People Today”

Bashir Aliyu Sallau
Department of Nigerian Languages
Katsina State University
Katsina - Nigeria


Birth or child bearing is an important aspect of life which almost all communities of this world give special preference.This is the reason that made such communities to plan for it right from the time a woman is conceived. Different communities have different ways of taking care of their mothers-to-be or in other words prenatal care. Prenatal care is given to pregnant women in order to look after their health and that of the unborn child in their womb so that they will come to this world as healthy individuals. This article focuses attention on the traditional as well as the modern health care delivery administered to pregnant women in Hausaland. There is an introductory aspect in which prenatal care  has been defined and a short history of whom are regarded as the Hausa people was also given.The article contains two important sections.The first part deals with the traditional ways and manner a pregnant woman is identified and the traditional prenatal care given to her by the Hausa people. The second segment discusses on the modern ways of identifying a pregnant woman through urine test and preganancy ultrasound scanning. Further more modern prenatal care as administered in clinics and hospitals and the impact they made on the traditional prenatal care has also been analaysed.

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