Is the Jagaban prepared for the job or overrated as well?

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu was perceived to be well prepared for the job judging from his experience and the years he has spent in Nigeria's political arena. Though, the "Emilokan" statement casted doubt on that perception. So much was expected from him. However, the event of the last 2 months is making some people with high expectation to start having a second thought. Is the Jagban truly prepared for the job or also overrated?

Just like Buhari, there were anticipation on his choice of the people that will populate his cabinet. But surprisingly, most of his nominees for ministerial appointment are either former governors or governorship candidates that lost election. The second list was widely referred to as "the settlement list". The question I have heard people asking is the performance of some of these former governors in their respective states and the new stuff they are bringing to a government with so much expectations. Some critical thinkers are still expecting answer to this question  A surprising event was the replacement of a ministerial nominee from Kano barely 24 hours to screening. No background check before the nomination? 

But how can you float dollars in an economy that produces nearly nothing and is heavily dependent on importation? From fuel to toothpicks are imported. I hope the dollar won't hit N1,000 as predicted before the end of this month as we battle with life with N30k minimum wage.

Nigerians are expected to buy petrol in dollar equivalent in a country that has crude oil but zero refining capacity. Somebody close to the former government said the government refinery workers were smart to sit in their offices and collect fat pay doing nothing instead of going on strike to make the refineries work. He advised ASUU during the past strike to learn from NNPC workers and do the same. You can feel the impact of the "smart" guys at NNPC.

For the 3 months transition period, Tinubu as president-elect was aware that the fuel subsidy will be gone as he is taking over and there was no plan on the immediate steps to take to cushion the effect. Over 2 months after taking over power, Nigerians are on a hot seat with galloping inflation and nothing is done yet but using threat and court (Buhari's approach to governance) to suppress the workers. Meanwhile, NASS members are sharing public funds. I saw the trending 2m alert to enjoy the recess.

A government that justified the increase in fees across the public universities to be due to the present economic reality, an economic reality that the same government has refused to reflect on the salary of workers and using NLC to play around with the workers. That's common sense.

Buhari succeeded in pushing more Nigerians below the poverty line in his 8 years in office. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), 133 million Nigerians sank into multidimensional poverty under the Muhammadu Buhari regime. That was more than half the population of the country.  However, within the 2 months of BAT government, the oil subsidy removal and the floating dollar have sink more Nigerians into poverty.

Dear BAT, your government will be a failure if you fail in the general wellbeing (GWB) of the people.


Prof. Abdelghaffar Amoka Abdelmalik

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