Women Are Terrible

 Nice conversation😁

She 👩🏻: hi

Him🧑🏻: Hi, how are you

She 👩🏻: I'm fine and you?

Him🧑🏻: everything is fine

She 👩🏻: What do you do for a living?

Him 🧑🏻: Nothing, I didn't study

She 👩🏻: Why ?

Him🧑🏻: I didn't like going to School

She 👩🏻: ah !! Pity !

Him 🧑🏻: and you?

She 👩🏻: I'm engaged

Him🧑🏻: ah! really good

She 👩🏻: you are single and poor

Him 🧑🏻: ah I was left with the inheritance of 50 million # by my grandfather and I want to get married

She 👩🏻: you know, I and my fiancee just broke up?

Him🧑🏻: you know the money was burnt when our house caught fire?

Her👩🏻: we broke up but we have just come back and we want to fix the date of the wedding

Him🧑🏻: luckily the suitcase that contained the money did not catch fire, I was able to pick my money safe.

She 👩🏻: unfortunately my fiancee just died last week😞


Fear women 😅🙄😅

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