What A Real Love!

A girl failed JAMB, then pick her
phone and called her boyfriend:

BOYFRIEND: .Hello dear.

GIRL FRIEND: Yes. (Crying)

BOYFRIEND: Why are you crying?

GIRLFRIEND: I failed JAMB again.

BOYFRIEND: Stop crying dear.

GIRLFRIEND: Did you make yours?


GIRL FRIEND: (crying) You will get admission and
abandon me and go and pick another girl on campus right?

BOYFRIEND: Stop crying dear, I will not go and
leave you. You know as we use to do every year, I will tell my parents that JAMB has canceled my result this year again. So that we will rewrite it together
next year, am sure you will make it by then.

GIRL FRIEND: (Happy) Hmmm, but dear you have been
lying to your parents like 3-4 years now, do you think they will not find out
this time around?

BOYFRIEND: I will not mind whatever they say, all
that matters is that I love you so much and I'll prove it to you.

GIRL FRIEND:. Wow! Thanks, honey...

Do this kind of boyfriends exist?


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