Trouble Continues

A couple was filing for a divorce in court, they both wanted to share the kids equally but unfortunately, they had 3 children.

WIFE: Your honor,  I will go with two kids while he goes with one, I'm their mother and my children will not grow without the presence of their mum.

HUSBAND: No your honor, I'm the one who's going away with two kids while she goes with one, I'm their father and I have to be present for my children.

JUDGE: You both want to go away with two kids, what are we going to do now?

The husband and his wife step out of the boxes and started whispering to each other's ears.

A few minutes later, they smiles and says "Your honor, we've come to a conclusion that you should give us a year to come again with this matter, we want to make another kid so will be able to share equally" 

9 months later and they were blessed with twins.

Trouble continues 

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