Signs Of Purity After Menses


Assalamu alaykom. I wanted to ask more information about purity after menses. I usually experience white discharge at the end of period. But sometimes I see dryness first and only after 12 hours or more I see the white discharge. What should I do in this case? Can I perform ghusl right after seeing dryness or should I wait to see the white discharge? Please help me, I'm so confused and I'm afraid I might be missing prayers. Jazakum Allahu kahiran.


All perfect praise be to Allah.

A woman knows the purity (Taharah) after menses by one of two signs: Either complete dryness, and it is inspected by inserting cotton into the place, and which comes out clean without any trace of blood, yellowish or brownish.

The second sign is white Al-Qassah, which is a discharge that tends to be whitish in color, and you mentioned in the question that it usually comes to you after your menstrual blood has ended.

Based on that, if you see dryness, then you have become pure (from menses), and you do not have to delay the Ghusl until you see the white discharge.

Allah knows best.

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