Books Are Bridges

How very true. Books are indeed bridges taking us from a lack of knowledge to better information and enlightenment. However what I don't as depicted in the image is the land the bridge (book) users cross over to. 

It's supposed to look better with ideas and insights found than the land left behind, but it's all the same. Nothing to indicate progress or any development made. Many now have education, but nothing to show for it.

Which is typical of many book readers these days. They have nothing to show of benefit to the society from the books they have read or are reading. They only pride themselves in reading this or that number of books.

For many who read, what they get from books, if they do get anything at all, they don't put to practical use. Their gains doesn't add value to the rest of us. They just archive the knowledge and do nothing with it. Amfanin ilimi aiki da shi

Books Are Bridges

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