Oil Subsidy is gone

In Nigeria's land, where oil's riches reside,

A tale unfolds, of the nation's stride.

The government's decision, a blow to the poor,

The removal of subsidy, an affliction to endure.

Once, oil flowed like a lifeline's grace,

Fueling dreams and hopes in every place.

But now, a heavy burden burdensome to bear,

Leaving the impoverished drowning in despair.

The poor cry out, their voices lost in the din,

As the cost of living rises, piercing their skin.

For they relied on the subsidy's embrace,

A lifeline fading, leaving them in a chase.

In the bustling cities and rural abodes,

Struggling hearts carry heavy loads.

The prices soar, burdening their plight,

Their dreams obscured, fading from sight.

The oil subsidy, a lifeline severed,

Leaving the destitute in a realm of endeavor.

Food on their tables, a distant mirage,

The gap widens, society's dark collage.

Yet, amidst the cries, a glimmer of strength,

In the spirit of resilience, they find their length.

The poor unite, their voices raised,

Demanding justice, their hopes unfazed.

For the removal of subsidy paints a tale,

Of a nation's struggle, of a people's travail.

But the tears that fall, fuel a fire within,

Igniting a movement where change can begin.

So let us stand together, hand in hand,

In solidarity, a united band.

Demanding fairness, an equal share,

A future where the poor find solace and care.

For Nigeria's soul lies in her people's eyes,

And the government must hear their heartfelt cries.

Let compassion guide their policies anew,

And restore hope for the poor, both old and new.


Prof. Yusuf Adamu, 2023

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