The Idea of Sheikh Bin Ishaqa Attorody on Semantics Fields: Case Study of Book of Plurals, Twofold And Singulars

Cite this article as: Imam, A.I. & Masama, A.A. (2023). الفكر المعجمي لدى الشيخ ابن إسحاق التوردي الصكتي في ضوء الحقول الدلالية  كتاب الجموع والمفردات والمثنيات نموذجا. Tasambo Journal of Language, Literature, and Culture, (2)1, 178-187. www.doi.org/10.36349/tjllc.2023.v02i01.022. 


Among the most famous Arabic scholars who followed Sheikh Uthman Bin Fodiyo and his mediate brother Sheikh Abdullahi Bin Fodiyo in terms of developing the Arabic language and its literature in the city of Sokoto, there was a great linguist, Al-Sheikh Bin Ishaq Attoroddy, who was lucky to copy from his ancients in amazing linguistical writing where he has written in most of the linguistic sciences that were known during their time, such as Arabic grammar, Arabic morphology, Arabic rhetoric's, Arabic prosody and Arabic lexicology. Among of his writings in lexicology is his book titled "Aljumuu Wal Muthannayat Wal Mufradat. This book served as a semantic fields dictionary and the importance of the book for especially the Arabic learners was the cause that pushed the two researchers to prepare this paper. The researchers talked about logistical and terminological meaning of the semantics fields, pointing to their growing up, its developing and lastly, gave a brief picture of the book indicating its form and contents, by displaying one of the semantic fields in the book as a practical example of semantic analysis.

Keywords: Dictionary, Idea, Semantic Fields, Language
DOI:  www.doi.org/10.36349/tjllc.2023.v02i01.022

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