The Story of Warriors

This is the story of warriors
Not those that fight with Armor and arrows (but)
Those that strive with their hearts
Flowing like a stream with hearts of gold
Glowing around the galaxy in magnificent chaos.

This is a story, bitter and sour,
Wrapped in a shell of sparkling dreams
With promises, towing in range
Like a tugboat to be fulfilled
A promise to reveal the way.

To guide conduct
And pass on knowledge
This is the story of light
That gave us all a bright solid foundation
Helping us grow and outshine the past.

And made us who we are today.
This is the story of our sparkling warriors
The echelon of stars
Endurance and resilience
The springs of hope
Oceans of knowledge

Today we celebrate you
For showing care of a mother
And strictness of a father
And everything to be precise.
You work for more and more hours
For less and less pay.

In your smiles we find solace
In your eyes the sparking of stars
And your voices the cuteness of courage
For you construct
Softness out of stones
Brilliance out of brains
And heroes out of men.

Oh I see a galaxy today
Of stars shining
Of the moon glowing
Of sparkling dreams wrapped in a shell
Of craft made with love
To reshape and inspire youth to bounce
Back to the future through breaking barriers.

It is time to show the power of your voices
Your courage
And the magic you hold within your smiles
That made a child see beyond a teacher
But a mentor
An inspiration beyond all measures
Sweet like melodies of the poems
You sang on the playground. 

Today is the day, the time
To stand still and call for the universe to rise
And speak for change.

The Poet 

Aisha Sani Lawan (A'isha Indabawa)

Aisha Sani Lawan, known as Aisha Indabawa is a spoken word artist and founder of Shining Voice Global Links.

She had her primary education at Fountain International School, Kano. She attended New Standard College for her secondary education and graduated in 2015. She then went to School of Health Technology Kano to become Senior Community Health Extension Worker (SCHEW) and graduated in 2018.

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