Medical Advice to All Men

Dr Oluwanifemi Yusuff Vibrant.

One of the causes of Kidney damage is STANDING WHILE URINATING.... Do not be surprised that the Northern part of Nigeria is having fewer records of Kidney problems than the Eastern and western parts of Nigeria. 

Now, let me explain in detail. It is part of Islamic etiquette to bend down while urinating, I thought it was formed to prevent splash of urine on our clothes because when you have a urine stain on your clothes and you pray with it, your prayer is invalid. 

But medically, it is more than that, your bladder is like nylon filled with water, and when you compress it, the water in it easily finds its way out without stress. When you bend down to urinate, your bladder compresses with the help of 4 abdominal muscles and a detrusor muscle, the detrusor muscle is to contract during urination to push the urine out of the bladder and into the urethra. The detrusor muscle will relax to allow the storage of urine in the urinary bladder. urine easily escapes through the urethra tube when you bend down to urinate. Allah Akbar. 

When you are standing while urinating, you apply more force to urination than while bending down. With that force you are applying, you are directly damaging your kidney capsule. You are destroying your kidney. 

It is possible to face Urinary incontinence and retention in old age. When you are facing this then, you need a catheter to pass out urine or you can as well face the separation of parchment membrane known as DIALYSIS. 

sitting has a “more favorable urodynamic profile”, allowing the bladder to empty faster and more completely. For men with lower urinary tract symptoms (Luts), for example, caused by an enlarged prostate – “the sitting voiding position is preferable to the standing

This message is for MEN. The nature of WOMEN is to bend down and urinate. One of the reasons why it is rare to see women suffering from kidney problems. Those having kidney issues are those spreading their legs like FROGS and shifting their pant to one side to urinate.😂

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