Sorry Madam

 A wife suspected that her husband is cheating🍆🍑😖With their Maid. So she sets a trap😑for the husband✊🏻by sending the Maid to the village for the Weekend without telling her husband 🧔🏽🤭. At Night the husband told his usual story💁🏽‍♂️"darling I want to go and Watch Wrestling match in the sitting room🏠. Then he left the wife silently and went🚶🏻‍♀️to the Maid's room lying on the bed🍆🍑NÁked with no light. He opened the door, joined her on the bed🍆🍑😋Without wasting time and without a word he had s3x with her🍆🍑😋. After the fifth round she said its Enough 😑🙄🤚, I caught you 😠. So this is how you used to Have sêx with her🙄😑💔 you will do 2 Rounds and tell me you are tired😱. You've done 5 rounds now and still demanding more.... The gateman replied "Sorry Madam😖😩"I didn't know you are the one🙆🏼

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