He Found Another Woman

A fat man saw an advertisement that said, “Lose 5kg in a week.🤨”

He made a phone call ☺and said, “I would like to join😌!” The lady who responded welcomed the idea and asked him to be ready 6 am the following day😎.

The following morning, he got to the gym😆 and was taken to a room😋. He opened the door and found a beautiful woman there dressed in only a shirt and underpants☺.

She said, “If you can catch me☺, you can sleep with me😋!” The lady started running🏃‍♂️, while the man started to run after her🏃‍♂️. But he could not catch her😏. 

During the whole week😅, he tried hard to catch her but could not. He, however, lost 5kg in the process😁!

He then asked for the 10kg programme😅. The next time, he opened the door and found another woman dressed in a bikini 😦who said, “If you catch me, you can sleep with me.😁”

He lost 10kg that week😆 although he did not catch the woman😅. 

So, he thought this was an awesome programme and then requested the 25kg weight loss programme.😎

The lady said, “Are you sure😐? It’s tough😶!“Why not🤨?”, he asked. The following day at 6 am, he opened the door expecting to see a naked girl😌. But he found a madwoman instead😶.

The madwoman said, “If I catch you😌, I will sleep with you😅!”

That week, the man lost 40kg.😅

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