I Do Not Regret!


Taken by surprise,
Unexpected end,
The She seemed predictable as sunrise,
It was latterly I noticed the bend,
I then regret.
My door was closed,
Avoiding any lust,
We then, became closed,
Not noticing I was lost,
Until now that I regret.

I regarded the She dear,
To the She, I had been calm and simple,
Ever ready, all situations bear,
The She was taken in, I was humble,
The She acted to my regret.

Oh Weather! Why didn’t you stop me?
Anyway, you tried sending cold but I endured,
Even the breath sang beside me,
Stop! Stop! Yet I ignored,
And now I regret.

Even my commonest cars,
Complained, and their passengers,
I ignored since they got no scars,
Not knowing that the time to face the dangers,
Is when I will regret.

I am a villager, to help you say,
Yet, education is a means of socialization,
With the foundation I lay,
Sensing a great transformation,
The She, I regret.

Look! It isn’t a question of rivalry,
Just, and undisrupted independence,
Retire of camaraderie,
Trying to survive the shock of the accidence,
About which I regret.

Aha! Hurray!
I have signed on your history book,
So, despite the betray,
And sending away the gook,

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