Abu-Ubaida Sani

My next higher you are,
Ranked and knuckle under by I.
Let on the inkling no scar,
A perfidy inviting life-long-shy.
Impede not controversy bestow controversy,
Wild-goose chase truth invariably with candidacy.

That vocalization which chameleons,
Procreating artificial idiolect,
Senior, it’s but soul dudgeons.
Shan’t deny thou of thy reelect,
Yet, let not controversy lavish controversy.
I doubt in my head, neither chest, aberrancy.

Even trees could bear witness,
Buildings and animals around,
Had I rejoiced pinning into hearts sadness?
Elder, my kneels visit ground,
Let not controversy kick in controversy.
How I wish! Dreaming of thoughts confederacy.

Objectionableness, sign of mutual coexistence,
Neutrality, skepticism, gravity to pendulum of reality
For adrenaline together with noradrenaline substance,
Senior, I embarrass rational inanity!
For controversy not to bestow controversy,
Elder, I maintain subserviency!

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