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ASUU is a Selfish Union

Even Satan cannot...

ASUU is a Selfish Union

Department of Soil Science
Ahmadu Bello University Zaria-Nigeria

ASUU Strike

Today it's my turn to x-ray ASUU and reveal the provocative and hurtful truth that ASUU members keep concealing from you.

To avoid bias let us allocate equal weight to each item contained in the ongoing ASUU/FG renegotiation and see what's gonna happen. Before then, we need to itemize the demands and place them into broad categories appropriately. 

1: Any demand which will bring money to ASUU members = ASUU Benefit (ASUUB)

2. Any demand which will correct or improve the university system = University System Benefit (Univ.B)

In the end, we will aggregate the weight load of each category and take proportional weights to arrive at an inference.

I. Salary and Allowance upward review for enhancing staff welfare         (2) = ASUUB

II. Payment of EAA for clearing backlog of service allowances (2) = ASUUB

III  Consistent payment of revitalization fund for laboratory and structural upgrade  (2) = Univ.B

IV. Development and adoption of sustainable funding options to avoid the introduction of tuition fee and guarantee smooth running of the system  (2) = Univ.B

V. Minimizing proliferation of Universities to avoid underfunding and crash in the quality of education  (2) = Univ.B

VI. Deployment of UTAS for university system financial autonomy and curtailing internal corruption (2) = Univ.B

VII. Formation of Visitation Panel and drafting of whitepaper for auditing financial proceedings and operational dealings of university managements to ensure checks and balances (2) =  Univ.B

 Aggregation of Weight 

ASUUB = 2+2 = 4

Univ.B = 2+2+2+2+2 = 10

Total Weight of ASUU struggle = ASUUB + Univ.B = 4 + 10 = 14

Proportional weight for each benefit

ASUUB = (4/14) * 100 = 29%

Univ.B = (10/14) * 100 = 71%

Even Satan cannot blame ASUU of being greedy or selfish!

Long Live ASUU

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