IPPIS, UTAS and the Government Vs ASUU Saga: NITDA Hacker Spent One Week Trying to Hack into UTAS


ASUU Vs Federal Government

Comrade Socrates Ebo
Chairperson, ASUU FUO

1. UTAS is developed to automatically pay Earned Academic Allowance. 

2. UTAS is designed to automatically pay arrears

3. UTAS is designed to recognize the traditional academic calendar which starts on October 1

4. UTAS is designed to make all officers of the university play their roles: the VC, DVC, Registrar, Bursar, HoD and even Librarian

5. UTAS has no role for Accountant-General of the Federation something NITDA wants and ASUU rejects

6. UTAS makes it impossible for principalities in Abuja to insert names on the payroll

7. UTAS automatically pays sabbatical and adjunct staff without duplication 

8. UTAS is designed to respect university autonomy 100%


1. UTAS passed integrity test 100%

2. In the first test NITDA brought people outside the university system to participate in User Acceptability Test (UAT).

 Of course, you don't expect them to understand UTAS.

3. NITDA scored UTAS fail for NUC not having fire extinguishers at the office where the UTAS server  should be hosted (Is NUC no longer a government-owned and funded establishment?)

4. In the second test where ASUU insisted that there should be observers, UTAS passed all the tests 100%

5. NITDA hacker spent one week trying to hack into UTAS without success

6. The SSL with which UTAS was developed is homegrown and hackproof.

7. The only disagreement with NITDA was NITDA's insistence that there should be no symbols in names which ASUU rejected as there are many names with symbols all over the world and the university can hire staff from any part of the world. 

8. The DG of NITDA confessed that he was ambushed by  Communication Minister and given a note to read failing UTAS even while the tests were ongoing

9. It is clear that UTAS is being pantamized.

10. UTAS was developed by the best IT brains in the country, many of whom taught the engineers at NITDA.

11. The engineers at NITDA have nothing but praises for UTAS 

12. The politicians in the IPPIS racket have nothing but condemnation for UTAS. UTAS when adopted shall kill IPPIS, their cash cow.

13. UTAS will make it impossible for principalities from above to insert names on the payroll

14. UTAS will make it impossible for rats at AoG's office to nibble away people's hard-earned salary

15. UTAS will make it impossible for principalities from above to disappear salary arrears.

16. UTAS will put an end to the nonsense.

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