Is There Anything On Earth That's Perfect?

Normally many, promptly, without the slightest hesitation will answer with an emphatic No! Even I would have said the same until knowledge recently came to me that there is indeed something unique, that without a single iota of doubt is absolutely perfect.

Well, what could that be? It is the words of Allaah as housed in the holy Qur'an. They are the only thing that need no addition nor subtraction to make them complete, whole, total. Each of them is absolute in its composition and structure. Every word therein is in a state of "No more, no less."

Actually, this is not about the usual blah blah blah... submission that since revelation the book's contents, believed to be verses of divine origin and source have remained exactly the same, intact, unaltered for almost fourteen and a half hundred years now. No.

This is but a simple, subtle reminder and presentation of a tangible, empirical proof and evidence that attest to the fact i.e. the verses of the last religious revelations from God have met the full requirements of perfection. How? Well, because Allaah SWT Himself Said so. 

The very first Verse of Surah Hud (11) says:

الر كِتَابٌ أُحْكِمَتْ آيَاتُهُ ثُمَّ فُصِّلَتْ مِن لَّدُنْ حَكِيمٍ خَبِيرٍ

 Alif-Lâm-Râ. (This is) a Book, the Verses  whereof are perfected, and then explained in detail from One (Allaah), Who is the All-Wise, All-aware. 

And that is it! That's all that is required for us who believe in Him AWJ to confirm the perfecticity of at least one thing on earth, that is all round perfect, Allaah SWT's Word. For any needing to authenticate the submission, perhaps a scientific research can be found satisfactory on his or her part.

Mu dai by Allaah Almighty, the matter is a case closed. Eventual confirmation by science, when it finally arrives at this station of reality we are at, will produce a discovery for them, for others, while further consolidating this basic truth for us. 

All thanks and praises are due to Allaah Lord of the worlds for the gift of faith and guidance.

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