If you like e-friend me

Alternatively don't.

If you like Follow me

Or simply ignore.

If you like Read me

Otherwise pretend.

If you like Share me

Even if you hate to care.

If you like Like me

But leave it to yourself.

If you like Comment on me

Thereby show intelligence.

If you like Have your say

Better watch your display.

If you like be you, true

Nothing real, but changes

For the better, for the best.

While some may leave it

To fate, in sands of time

To be eroded by the winds

We leave digital footprints

On minds of those conscious

Of their conscience, to live on

Till the very end of their eternity

Then start off afresh, a fresh one.

From the Archive of:

Malam Muhammad Tajajjini Tijjani
Imel: mmtijjani@gmail.com
Lambar Waya: +2348067062960

©2023 Tijjani M. M.

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