ACIBILIS MEETS ARCHIE BLUES (pun) - In Honor of Prof. Abdullah Uba Adamu

In Honor of Prof. Abdullah Uba Adamu

...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip."

In Honor of Prof. Abdullah Uba Adamu

My name's Archie Blues
Just met this lass Acibilis
Don't ask me who is Acibilis?
For I know not 'bout her, please.
Only that none can resist her bliss?

Playing on default of man
To lay in the sun for a free tan
Even the rich in melanin play pan
Available to all, such a sweet swan
Flocking toadies with or without a plan.

is not an organization
but a form of civilization
thriving boldly on utter violation
of intellectual rights and authorization.

Acibilisians, in her shade lounges
Coveting her moisture like sponges
Fruit of lights in quantum leap surges
Ever eager, minimal wait, each plunges
In a frenzy feeding, ending up in archives.

Some, so used to Acibilising
Find the whole "lifting", uplifting
Many justify their sins by sharing
No arm, heart, mind or even e-paying
Who owns her? No one bothers knowing

Achibilishment is no achievement
Though fully a virtual establishment 
An engagement done with commitment
But like things bad, in hidden engagement
By both, because nobody faces arraignment.

Of course there's Acibilihyzias
A disease affecting Acibilazers
In recurring stanzas and quanzas
Systoms include long sleeve blazers
Treated intellectually with digital tracers.

But come, an answer who can?
"Wai shin mene ne Bilis d'in nan
Da kowa ke son ci har da su Sultan?"
It's taste, aroma, allureness all beckon.
Is it a flora or fauna? For this piece is done.

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