30th January, 2022 was a goal Muhammad Badamasi TSAURE

The common saying I coincidentally learnt from Dr. Inuwa ( Social idol as we fondly called him ) of the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto was ' Three groups of people can't be maltreated and expect them mute, never. They are; the teacher, the writer and the singer. Cast your anger on any of the aforementioned he/she will tell his/her story to his/her audience whenever possible and there is no way to stop them until the end of time. I'm not a singer, but as a teacher, I always like to tell stories of different kinds. And here is my story:

 Barely five minutes away from my morning chores; Qur'anic recitation, for, I could vividly remember I read Qur'an chapter 4 which is Suratun Nisa' i, listened to Fatima's beautiful imitation and adaptation of Menshawi's melodious recitation, greeted my family and explained our schedules for the day to Umma for blessings and prayers. Brush, was the last on the list. While Asma'u struggled to make the breakfast done - I was summoned. I wasn't puzzled or hesitated because early morning visit became the tradition I had trained myself to endure no matter what. So,  I'm used to it, for since the tail end of 2019 my days have been being very busy and hectic. Three things overwhelmed me; business, teaching and unionism which transitioned to politics. Engage in any of the above, you will never select your visitors, nor will you necessarily stick to your schedules of a day. So, quickly, I rushed out and have my early morning visitor(s) attended to. "Yallabai wanted to see you now in his palace", the man in the car commanded halfly angry. He wore mask so I couldn't recognized him but his voice sounded familiar and I know the car owner. So, it was easy to identify who the driver was. I ransacked in a corner designated for the owners of a sort. The car moved. Then an array of eyes were slumped at me all over; pedestrian, vain benchers ( normally in Hausaland; mostly villages these vain benchers are very common ) stared  at me. I still didn't know what was inspiring. I alighted from the car when I entered, the Police greeted me with " are you Muhammad? I answered in affirmative. 

Then Yallabi said there were certain questions waiting for my answer at the police division, therefore, I wanted you to follow them and have those questions answered. Without mincing words I said ' Okay'. I tried all my family's number but not reachable, then I recalled that for over a week, Airtel Network faces some technical problems. Bello volunteered to pass the information to Aliyu. I appreciated and occupied the back-seat of the police car and began asking myself questions which I still don't know the answer.


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