You Can Control Your Thoughts and Achieve Peace By Sumaila Umaisha

I've heard people say they can't control their thoughts. That's not true. It is hard, but certainly not impossible. The mind is of such nature that there's no habit that cannot be formed if one keeps at it. Now, here is the trick...

Each time a negative thought arises in your mind, inwardly recite a phrase to counter it. It may be a short verse from the scripture or just a simple phrase like 'I’m above this thought!' Say this three times or more and then replace the thought with its positive opposite. If it is a thought of failure or discouragement, replace the ‘can’t’ with ‘can’. If it is an unpleasant memory from the past, simply think of a pleasant future. With constant practice, you will realize that your thoughts will no longer be automatic or uncontrollable as they used to be. There will be a kind of space between you and your thoughts so that you become aware of them just before they take root and expand. Within that fleeting space or moment, you can quickly deploy your counter phrase, and then follow it up with replacing the negative with the positive. With time, the phrase becomes proactive, automatically nipping negative thoughts in the bud. Now, here is the real thing...

As this practice begins to take effect over time, you will start noticing that your tendency towards negative thinking is reducing. Gradually, the brain will become used to the idea and positive thinking will become your dominant habit. You will discover that you can stay cool and positive irrespective of circumstances. Then, that inner peace you thought was a myth will become your reality.

It should be noted, however, that this state of mind is not easily achieved. It takes time and constant practice. Also, for the exercise to be more effective, you need to observe regular meditation to calm your mind. If you are not the religious type, you can practise breathing meditation or something similar. You can as well practise mindfulness: frequently focusing your mind on a certain positive phrase thereby distracting other thoughts. As for the religious, there are already many forms of meditation. In Islam, for instance, the five daily prayers, performed with complete concentration, is a powerful means of calming the mind in addition to being a means of communion with the Source. The Christians also have mind-calming rituals that could be deployed towards this end. Indeed, to succeed in this quest for happiness, meditation is an indispensable companion.

I wish to repeat here that you can control your thoughts and attain that peace you have been craving. Yes, you can. It may sound gibberish, but you can. Just try it and see. Your own experience will be the evidence.

Thanks for reading. Peace and blessings be upon you!

Sumaila Umaisha.
From his book, 'Where to Find Happiness'

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