Africa's biggest problem is its leadership

The biggest conspiracy against the growth and dominance of  Africa and Africans is not the work of Bill Gates, Monsanto, 5G, the Coronavirus or imperialists or colonialists. 

It is not Donald Trump, China, Boris Johnson or Queen Elizabeth. It is not a right wing conspiracy, or a left wing conspiracy, neither is it a grand plan of Israel or even the Middle East. 

Africa's biggest problem is its leadership. "VAGABONDS IN POWER"

No world leader, or richest man in the world will use electromagnetic waves or vaccines to kill us. And let me tell you why :

(1) In 2018 alone, about 230,000 brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 80 (2018 models) were sold in Africa. Lets assume that private sector and NGOs bought 50% of those ( a very conservative estimate), then it means the other half were bought by African governments. This means that at a very very generous base price of $60,000, $690 Million was spent IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA ALONE for governmental bodies and officials to buy JUST TOYOTA LAND CRUISERS! 

(Sales Data Source: Toyota Global Website)

(2) The WHO Global Health Expenditure database puts General Government Expenditure for health for Sub-Saharan Africa at US$361.777 Million US Dollars for 2017. If we even made the figure $362 Million, it means that we spent averagely 52% of what we were willing to spend on Land Cruisers than on health of our own citizens. This is just cost of acquisition, not maintenance. 

(3)  In 2016, Africa accounted for 1.1% (US$22.3 billion) of global investments in R&D. Globally, pharmaceutical companies are among the top investors in R&D in the health science sector, but this is not the case in Africa. 

(4) Africa has 15% of the world's population and 25% of the world's disease burden, but only 1% of the world's research and development budget is spent in the whole of Africa. Even that, it comes from external resources. Africa, a content of about 1 billion people, holds only 0.1% of the world's patents. Only 198 researchers per million people. Yet even then, remember that our R&D expenditure is mostly sourced from abroad. If you think I'm lying, the 2 main centers for Corona testing are funded by Germany and Japan!

(5). Illicit financial losses from corruption and embezzlement alone amount to some $50 Billion annually. Guess where it goes to? The WEST! When you are flying abroad, who usually sits in business class and sleeps and wines and dines in the finest hotels in Europe and America? Is it the African immigrant hustler or the African politician and his cronies? Who do you see when you go to the Palms in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Or in Monaco or on the Champs D'Elysses? How many politicians own $1 million houses across different continents? 

(6) In such a situation, do you really think someone wants to destroy us with a virus? We have already systematically weakened our systems. We have very little industrial capacity, we have sold whatever is remaining in Africa to Chinese, we only contribute to 2% of the worlds manufacturing. Our leaders pride themselves in dashing us bicycles, t-shirts and bags of imported rice. Do you think  any rational individual needs to employ sophisticated methods which will endanger their own people to destroy us when we are doing such a nice job of it ourselves?


For every day that we live, our compromised healthcare systems and the egos of our leaders are going to sink us further. We have no capacity to produce ANYTHING that will help us. We don’t even have the research labs to provide us with solutions against the virus. 

Yet we have an and Christian & Muslim countries where "men of God" are opinion leaders spewing all sorts of controversies because we have been wired to believe in miracles more than science. Sub-saharan Africa contributes on average only .05% of the world's mathematics PhD holders. Wanna compare that with PhD holders in say Theology ? Be my guest!!

Hey wait, Ghana still plans to source from churches $100 million to build a cathedral with a Bible Museum, hoping that it will be a tourist attraction. But nobody remembers the last time it bothered to refurbish its museum of science and technology, which has at its entrance a steam tractor from the early 20th century and an old Gatlin Gun.

We keep crying about drug testing on poor Africans, but how many virologists do we have, and how many virus institutes do we have to deal with the over 25% disease burden that we have? Or have our spiritual leaders in the shrines, mosques and churches suddenly become disease experts?

What is the ratio of doctors, nurses & other healthcare professionals to patients, or medical labs to patients in Sub-Saharan Africa?

At this stage, we don’t need Bill Gates to wipe us off the earth. We are doing fine with our incompetence. We have not even began challenging the Chinese who are forcing governments to mortgage their mines and rivers for alluvial gold and bauxite reserves for roads that will last maybe 10 years. 

If you think Coronavirus, digital medical records, vaccine trials and 5G networks are designed to destroy Africans for the monopoly of some old computer scientist living in Oregon or Washington State in the US, then you probably should save us all and succumb to the virus as you don’t belong in the 21st century anyway. I know its harsh, but thats the truth. There is no conspiracy against us. 

We are the captains of our own fate.

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