Can A Woman Urinate While Standing?

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu. Please Malam, what is the Islamic ruling concerning a woman or a man who urinates while standing?


It is permissible for a man to urinate while standing, this is supported by a hadith narrated by Bukhari: “Prophet went to a certain people’s waste land and urinated while standing” as it was narrated by Bukhari with the Hadith number: 222.

In spite of the fact that, any ruling that comes from the prophet is applicable to both man and woman if there’s no reason to separate it, indeed, a woman’s urination while standing will cause problems in her (body) purification due to the nature of her creation.

It is one of the laws of Shari’a – To introduce forth an obligation over what has been made permissible. It’s permissible for a woman to urinate while standing but it comes with difficulty in ensuring a perfect purification without which prayers will not be genuine.


All hadiths that came with the saying concerning the Prophet’s forbidding of urinating while standing are not authentics except the hadith of Nana A’isha whose authenticity was rendered valid by Hakim, where she was saying: “Whoever tells you the Prophet  urinated while standing, you should not believe him.” This was narrated by Nasa’i with Hadith number: 29.


The Ulama’ are saying: her sayings could be considered in the sense of narration concerning what she must have seen. However, this does not mean that there could be something different that she does not know, since it’s not every time that she sits together with him, this is one of the rules in the sight of scholars of Usulul-fiqh (Root Of Islamic Jurisprudence:


He who is sure of something, his saying will be given higher priority over one who’s not. Because of that, one that is sure has special additional knowledge not apparent to the latter.


For more clarifications, check: Sharhu Assuyudy ala Sunani Annasa’i 1\26.


Allah knows best.


Answered by:- Dr. Jamilu Zarewa.









ﺳُﺒﺤَﺎﻧَﻚَ ﺍﻟﻠَّﻬُﻢَّ ﻭَﺑِﺤَﻤْﺪِﻙَ ﺃﺷْﻬَﺪُ ﺃﻥ ﻟَﺎ ﺇِﻟَﻪَ ﺇِﻻَّ ﺃﻧْﺖَ ﺃﺳْﺘَﻐْﻔِﺮُﻙَ ﻭﺃَﺗُﻮﺏُ ﺇِﻟَﻴْﻚ

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