Why Still Pending To Be Processed - Possible Reasons (Pi Network KYC)

 1. Submission of the wrong ID: If the ID uploaded is not in the list of accepted documents for your country or region, your KYC will not be approved.

2. Incorrect ID choice: If you upload an ID different from the ID type selected, though valid, your KYC will not be approved. For example, if you selected International Passport but uploaded your Driver's Licence, it will be rejected. Also, it is imperative to capture a direct photo of the original document. Photocopies are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

3. Incomplete information: For example, if your ID has two sides of important information but you upload only one side, your KYC will be rejected.

4. Blurry ID or Unclear Photo: If your ID is blurry when photographing it, or your face capture is unclear, your KYC may be rejected.

5. More than one person appears in the "liveness check" video. It is imperative that ONLY THE ACCOUNT HOLDER be in the liveness check video. If there is more than one person in your video, your KYC will be rejected.

6. Name change appeals: The validation flow for pioneers who have made appeals for name change is STILL IN DEVELOPMENT. If you have submitted an appeal for a name change, your KYC application will be pending until the name change validation flow is released.

Please watch for these basic mistakes when you are given the opportunity to resubmit your KYC application so things are submitted correctly. (Please exercise a lot of patience while you wait for the chance for resubmission, as the Pi KYC is still in development. 

Feel free to check the KYC.pi app in your Pi Browser periodically for your chance to resubmit your information.

Thank You.

Pi Network KYC

Source: Crypto Update Hausa

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