What Is The Future Of The Family


Wife prepared some vegetable soup for herself and her husband, after returning from church.

When they were about to eat, the following conversation began.

Husband: Where did you get the vegetables from?

Wife: I got it from Mr. David's garden.

Husband: What?! How am I to know that he didn't poison the vegetables?

Wife: I have an idea.

(She gave some to her dog. After some time, the dog went to play.)

Wife: See? The food isn't poisoned.

Husband: OK. Let's eat then.

(After eating, their maid came crying.)

Wife: What happened?

Maid: Our dog is dead.

Wife: What? The food is poisoned! (Feeling sober and guilt filled upon realizing he's going to die in a couple of minutes) I need to make a Confession!

Wife: What?

Husband: When you aren't at home, I and your maid use to have xes in my room.

Wife: (Feeling angry but immediately realizing this is futile) I forgive you.

Wife: I too have a confession to make. Promise to forgive as I have.

Husband: OK.

Wife: The two children aren't yours. They are the Gateman's children.

(Immediately, the Gateman came in)

Gateman: Boss The man who hit the dog with his car is outside. He says he wants to apologize for killing the dog.😕🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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